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Sports Court


Sports Court Programme

Development of Gross Motor Skills.

The educational philosophy underpinning Rising Stars Preschool is to provide a holistic educational environment which gives children a unique opportunity to develop as young athletes alongside their social and academic growth.

Research shows that ‘active movement’ not only helps children develop physically but intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Rising Stars will expose children to a range of sporting skills including fitness, team work and hand eye co-ordination - tools to give them a head start in sport as well as helping them develop into positive individuals with strong foundations for future learning.

The Coaches

Rising Stars Preschool will see the children will be exposed to a variety of skills. Sports coaches will spend the time in getting to know the children first through spontaneous events, activities and centre routines we call this the Discovery Stage. This allows the Sports coaches to gain knowledge of what each child is.


Head Coach – Hayden Whiting.

Enjoys Rugby, Rugby League, Basket Ball, Indoor Netball, Golf and Cricket. The part I like best about Rising Stars Preschool is being involved in the children’s progression from when they first start to when they leave for school and how their gross motor skills and knowledge of the different sports have developed.


Role of the Coach

  • Encourage
  • Role model
  • Motivate
  • Inspire
  • Demonstrate
  • Mentor
  • Teach life skills
  • Promote positive and sportsman like behaviour
  • Encourage safe use of equipment
  • Ensure equipment is looked after and carefully put away when finished with
  • Encourage the children to help pick up and tidy away the equipment.


  • Hockey
  • Rippa Rugby
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Rock Climbing
  • Dodge ball
  • Obstacle course
  • Netball

Every week we will have a different sport set out for the children to try. The coach will demonstrate how to play it, the rules and what equipment to use. The children are free to come and join in as they choose. They will be made aware of the correct use of the equipment and basic safety. At all times they are encouraged to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. The children are taught sharing, turn taking and to cheer on and support others.


Multi Agility Skills

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Balancing
  • Climbing
  • Skipping
  • Hopping
  • Landing / falling
  • Dodgin
  • Throwing
  • Catching

The children will have the opportunity to learn and practice these skills throughout the week. The equipment will be set out, the skill to learn explained and a demonstration on how to be successful shown to the children. A simple picture /and or photo card will be up on the wall to help remind them what skill they are learning. Once a few children have understood it and can demonstrate that they “can do it’ they can be used to show their peers how to do it and lead them through the new skill course. They children enjoy learning from their peers and showing others that they can ‘do it’!. Sometimes the Sports Coach may capture video evidence to record progression of skills.


Links to Te Whariki

Belonging: Children and their families feel a sense of belonging in an environment where…

  • Links with family and wider world are extended
  • They know they have a place
  • They feel comfortable with the routines, customs and regular events
  • They know the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour

Exploration: Children learn through active exploration of the environment. They learn through play – by improvising, randomly exploring, compromising, negotiating, and being playful.

  • Their play is valued as meaningful learning and the importance of spontaneous play is recognized
  • They gain confidence in and control of their bodies
  • They develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material worlds.

Contribution: Opportunities for learning are equitable and each child’s contribution is valued.

  • There are equal opportunities for learning irrespective of gender, ability, age, ethnicity, or background
  • They are affirmed as individuals
  • They are encouraged to learn with and alongside others.


Children Contributing to their Own Assessment: (4)

Teachers and coaches can help children to contribute to their assessment in two ways: through encouraging self-assessment ( which can be carried out in a variety of ways) and by including the child's voice in assessments.

At Rising Stars we are developing the use of ipads to record the children’s progress on the sports court, by using the APPT assessment programme. The coaches will observe the children undertaking skills and tasks and record their findings under their own individual profile. This includes Discovery Stage, Developing Stage, Consistency of Application Stage and Elite Stage. The children will become aware of their records and may be interested to see their progression and begin to enquire what skills they might try to learn next.


Healthy eating and bodies

Te Whariki link: Well-Being

Their health is promoted: The coaches will encourage the children to take water breaks and will talk about why making healthy food choices can help to improve their performance on the sports court. The children will begin to understand the connection between healthy food and having a healthy body.

Their emotional well being is nurtured: The coaches create an environment where all the children feel valued and enabled to be involved. Enjoyment is a huge part of their experience on the sports court. Coaches place a strong emphasis on positive responses to the children and their emotional and learning needs. They encourage the children to try new experiences and celebrate their efforts.

They are kept safe from harm: The children are taught how to correctly use the equipment and how to keep themselves safe (becoming aware of fast moving balls - and where to stand out of the way).


Parent’s Voice

We love to hear and read your feedback. Please feel free to speak to any of the coaches or staff about your child’s experiences on the sports court. From time to time you may get a ‘flash drive’ with short video clips of your child learning and trying out new skills. Also keep an eye out for updates in their portfolio.


Sports Court RULES

  • Children are respectful of themselves, others and the equipment.
  • The Coaches will encourage and promote the behaviour they want to see on the sports court.
  • Positive praise and encouragement will be used to reward their behaviour and achievements.
  • The children are encouraged to share and take turns.

Past Coaches

Dean Robinson - Central Districts and Taranaki Cricket player.

Frazier Climo  - Ex Taranaki Rugby, NPOB and Llanelli Scarlet's rugby player, currently playing and living in Scotland.

Nick Standen  - Plays senior rugby in the local competition for Spotswood United and Premier Cricket.

Tom Bruce - Plays for the Taranaki Cricket, Central District Stags and NZ Black Caps teams.

Kate Broadmore - Plays for the White Ferns NZ cricket team, Taranaki hockey & rugby team.