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Fee Structure


To run a successful Childcare centre, the management of Rising Stars Preschool feel it is important to keep the financial records up to date. Ensuring all accounts are paid on time, through efficient administration and accurate financial accountability.


To have in place systems where payments are up to date.
To keep records of all financial transactions.

Table of fees

Standard Charges:
Hourly rate $7.00

Early and late fees:

15-30 minutes early or late $10.00
30 and onwards early or late $25.00

Account payment

  • Parents are encouraged to pay accounts/child’s fees before they are due. Parents have the option of paying on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
  • If your child is ill or becomes sick during centre hours, you will be rang and asked to collect your child. If your child is ill and is unable to attend, please phone and inform us of their absence.
  • Three and four year old children can attend up to 20 hours free of charge. Your child can attend up to 6 hours per day up to the 20 hours allocated, or spread over 5 days at four hours per day
  • Children claiming the Governments 20 free hours and/or winz subsidies will be charged full price if they are absent from the centre.
  • If your child is going away on holiday, you must give the centre two weeks prior written notice. This will ensure your child’s space is retained
  • There will be no charge during public holidays or when the centre is closed.
  • All parents are expected to pay their child’s fees in full before their child leaves permanently.
  • Rising Stars Preschool has the right to cancel your child’s booking if the account becomes unsatisfactorily overdue.
  • Overdue interest of 5% will be charged on all accounts that are overdue.
  • Parents: Optional private coaching from our experienced team of coaches is available after hours at an additional cost.
  • Rising Stars Preschool lunches are available at a price of $5.00
  • There may be additional costs for excursions and activities (bus trips, admission fees and Christmas parties) throughout the year. Parents will be informed of this at the time of a planned excursion.
  • A presentation of how all ministry funding was spent will be displayed in an open area for parents to observe. A copy of this will also be available for print.