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About Us


Rising Stars Preschool is a positive, inspiring and stimulating environment where the qualified staff are committed to providing an atmosphere of learning and sporting pleasure. Appropriate resources and equipment are provided enabling children’s individual strengths to be recognised both indoors and out.

Children are given the opportunity to learn through meaningful experiences, events and coaching sessions. They are provided with time to experiment and explore the learning environment where they build upon their physical, social and emotional well- being.

Exposing children to the sporting culture is evident within our daily routines. Children learn basic skills such as catching, kicking and throwing when involved in these sessions which are administered by experienced coaches. These coaches are dedicated to extending on the children’s current skills, whilst also offering them new ones. Rising Stars Preschool aims to enhance children’s awareness not only in the education sector but in the sporting culture as well.

Rising Stars Preschool works in partnership with all families/whanau of the community to ensure that parent’s aspirations and concerns are respected and listened to. Families are encouraged to be involved in all areas of the programme where they are able to observe and acknowledge the learning that takes place during their child’s time at the centre.